Opus Virtual Offices Reviews

In order to find an office that suits you and your team, both in terms of size and cost, you need to do the right research to make sure it meets your requirements.

In 1994, the first virtual office application was created.

These become very popular as the market responded to the quick development of computers and the internet

A lot of virtual office services are available these days. That’s why we’ve compiled a review of the best virtual offices for you to choose from.

One of the most popular of these services is Opus Virtual Office.

Get your virtual office for only $99/month, zero hidden fees with Opus Virtual Offices

Review Introduction

Opus Virtual Offices has become so popular that its inventory contains more than 471 virtual offices in about 51 different places. Their 471+ individual offices have given them the award of being biggest providers of virtual offices.

Basic Features

  • Assistant/ Receptionist
    • A virtual assistant provides its users with assistant so one would never miss any call and definitely no client will go back. Business would be in possession of relatively greater number of potential customers.
  • Support
    • Their application provides its customer with full time support about problems and services.
  • Emailing
    • Every type of voice mails and faxes are sent to the user’s email address. Every voice or fax will be attached to an email and will be sent to customer as soon as they arrive.
  • Affordable
    • All these adorable features are provided to customers in just 99 $ per month. Their virtual office service does not charge any initial setup fee from its customers.
  • Voice mailbox
    • provides its valued customers with a facility of voice mail boxes, call forwarding and conference room etc.
  • Address
    •  Includes a proper and valid business address which means that customers would now be able to get all of their couriers and packages on time.

Ins and outs

Opus Virtual Offices has been providing its customers the best services since 1997. A customer interested in virtual office contacts the  team and as service formality a contract of three month is signed. Then the customer is liable to pay every month for continuing services.

Critical analysis

As everything is not perfect that’s why they also have some limitations however we cannot call these limitations as flaws or bugs. Their services have provided its customers all of its features with 100 percent satisfaction but there are some other virtual office application provider who have superseded them by providing other attractive features.

  • Contract
    • It has its limitation that customer availing its services must have to sign a contract of three months that the customer would avail the facility for at least three months. What if customer want to change virtual office provider due to any reason? What if customer want virtual office for a business that will run only for two month? Here lies a threat!
  • Unique features
    • Opus virtual offices provide the services that are very basic and are provided by most of other virtual offices. They should include some unique features that would definitely enhance its marketing.


No matter which services Opus Virtual Offices provides, the thing to consider is the quality and eye for detail of these services. Customer satisfaction is the key! We hope this review helped and you can click the button below to sign up today.



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