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Having a comfortable and productive work environment is critical to success. In order to find an office that meets the budgetary and sizing needs of you and your team, it’s important identify your priority requirements and to do your homework before signing that virtual lease.

Simulated workspaces have come a long way since the first computer application was created in 1994. The technology was originally designed to help people manage their businesses without the high overhead costs of renting actual workspaces. As the Internet develops and the market becomes quicker to respond to new technology, virtual offices have become more popular than ever.

There are dozens of options for simulated workspace service providers available online today – and choosing the RIGHT virtual office for your team can seem like an overwhelming task. We’ve created a comparision list of the most popular virtual workspaces to help you identify the best resource for your business. After weeks of research, Opus Virtual Office seems to be one of the profitable and versatile options on the market today.

Read on to learn more about this popular virtual workspace service provider, or if you’d like to try it out, you can get  your virtual office for only $99/month, with zero hidden fees.

Get your virtual office for only $99/month, with zero hidden fees

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Professional Virtual Office Review: Is Opus Right For Your Business?

Opus Virtual Offices have exploded in popularity over the last decade. In fact, they’ve grown so quickly that they now boast more than 500+ online simulated workspaces in 51 locations around the world. This versatility has allowed them to become one of the top service providers of online simulated workplaces available today.

So, what is a virtual office?

Keep reading down below to learn more about Opus and its features as well as what we think about their service based on real life experiences. Also, you can read more on our website if you want to find out how a global virtual address can help your business grow.


Click here to get started with Opus Virtual Offices for only $99 per month (no hidden fees)


woman talking on the phone in front of laptopWhat Features Does Opus Virtual Office WorkSpace Offer?

Here’s how this popular global virtual office provider helps your business grow and develop while keeping overhead costs low.

1. Professional Assistant or Receptionist Services

An assistant is provided to each Opus client so that you never miss an important call again. This allows your business to keep moving forward without having to worry about answering the phone. A receptionist gives you peace of mind without worrying about missing client calls or phone appointments.

2. Award Winning Customer Support

The Opus virtual workspace provides its clients with round-the-clock customer support. The services provides assistance with any technical issues you may encounter, helping your business to keep running smoothly in a fast paced business environment.

3. Emailing Services

Automatically forward all voice mails and faxes to your email address. Each of these voice mails or fax messages are converted into an email attachment and sent to your inbox instantaneously.

4. Voice Mailbox and Phone Conference Services

In addition to receptionist and assistant services, Opus also provides virtual voice mailbox facilities and phone conference capabilities. Receive and check voicemails easily, forward calls to your current phone number, and access conference rooms through their user-friendly platform.

5. Global Address

One of the most valuable features that Opus offers is a global virtual address. This service includes a real-world, valid business address at which you can receive mail and  packages. This removes the fear of losing a package since couriers can receive signatures from your assistant or receptionist.

6. Affordable Monthly Fees

Opus is one of the most affordable virtual office service providers available today. All of these valuable features are included in their basic monthly fee at $99 per month. They also guarantee you will not be charged any additional or hidden fees – such as an initial set up fee – which many virtual offices require.

Click here to get started with Opus Virtual Offices for only $99 per month (no hidden fees)


How to Purchase an Opus Software

internet worldwideOpus Virtual Offices has been providing its customers with high end service since 1997.

You can purchase the opus services on their website in a few simple steps. The great thing about opus is that they don’t have any hidden fees.

Critical analysis

Nothing is perfect in this world because this service also has its limitations. However, these limitations are called bugs and flaws. These issues in the software are being worked on everyday to provide their customers the best user experience possible.

Their services have provided its customers all of its current features with one hundred percent satisfaction but there are other simulated workplace application providers who have superseded them by providing other attractive features such as:

  • Contract

    • An ongoing issue with the service is the contract that you will have to sign. You will have to pay for three months worth of the service in advance to be able to use it. Although, you will be able to use up all three months that you have paid for, this part can be an issue to some people because; what if the customer wants to change their service provider due to some sort of problem? What if the customer wants the virtual office for their business that will run only for one or two months? Here lies the problem for some..

Click here to get started with Opus Virtual Offices for only $99 per month (no hidden fees)


  • Unique features

    • Opus virtual offices provide the best services that are basic, and easy to use. However, these are also provided by most of other the service providers. With basically the same features as everybody else, the only thing that stands out is the quality of their service.

Our Verdict

No matter what/which services Opus provides, the thing to consider is the quality and eye for detail of these services. Also, if you want to learn more about other options, you can read our review of the Regus Virtual office over here. Customer satisfaction is the key! We hope that this review has helped in searching for a service provider that suits your company. 

You can click the button down below to sign up today!

Click here to get started with Opus Virtual Offices for only $99 per month (no hidden fees)

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