Regus Virtual Office Review – Best Online Workspace

While there are many online workspaces, there are two primary companies in the global virtual office industry which stand out among the rest: Opus, and Regus. We’ve tested both of them, but for our purposes here in isolating the best possible option, let’s focus on Regus for now.

Entrepreneurs are always trying to maximize their profits and minimize their expenses. It sounds fairly simple, but when you’re in the day-to-day stress of running a business, can actually be a lot harder than it sounds! It is a constant struggle to achieve this perfect balance in the business world.

During this age of high-stress corporate jobs and continuously-evolving technology, people like to work in comfort, which isn’t necessarily productive or efficient. Although people are working harder than ever, they’re intelligently NOT willing to compromise their lifestyle, which is where service providers like Regus Virtual Offices come in. Premium virtual office services like Regus offer the perfect balance of productivity, performance and comfort.

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What is a Regus Virtual Office?

Many prospective professionals are curious about what Regus has to offer in terms of helping their business become more efficient. If you’ve never used a service like this before, take some time to research global addresses and how they work before choosing the best option for you.

Regus has been working to help clients achieve successful business objectives and maintain a great work-life balance since 1989. This endeavor includes exploring innovative ways to develop strategies which both maximize profits and minimize expenses.

Investing in the Regus Virtual Office program allows clients to have just that. The perfect balance of a comfortable work environment, which also supports exceptional levels of productivity.

Regus clients also appreciate the ease of travel, since their services can be found in 3,000 business centers, which are in 900 cities throughout the world.  The simulated workspace program enables entrepreneurs and professionals to advance their businesses from the ease and comfort of their own homes. In turn, this minimizes excessive costs of workplace overhead and maximizes the profit of their business.

Clients have all of the advantage of a physical work space with Regus’ simulation program. Boosting profit, cutting costs and working from the comfort of the home is easier in this modern age than ever before. With one million international customers, Regus is rated one of the world’s top companies that provide affordable and convenient simulated workspaces for entrepreneurs.

For 22 years, Regus has been striving to provide effective business solutions. As a result of Regus’ reliable and accessible options, the company is now among the top most popular virtual office workspace companies globally.

Regus Virtual Office Space Offers Different Options To Suit Your Individual Business Needs:

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Of course, depending on the size of your business, you may need more (or less) features than others. This is why Regus has been rated as the best virtual office space provider – since they offer more than one option for varying levels of enterprise.

There are four different options for clients of Regus:

  • Virtual Office
  • Virtual Office Plus
  • Telephone Answering
  • Mailbox Plus

With the Virtual Office service, entrepreneurs can acquire a real business address inside or outside of the United States of America. This also includes a professional local phone number, complete with multilingual receptionist to receive calls and emails, and professional voicemail with support for 24 hours.

You’ll receive free access to 3,000 Regus business lounges worldwide, which are included in a Regus gold membership. This provides you with a local fax number, free Businessworld cards for every staff member, and access to exclusive deals and discounts through the Regus Purchasing Group.

In the “Virtual Office Plus” packages, professionals get all of the resources of the simulated workspace package. In addition, they also receive 5 days per month of private office use at any global address of their choosing – including internet access.

The last two packages, “Telephone Answering” and “Mailbox Plus” offer receptionist services to send and receive calls and mail.

The most popular packages are either the “Virtual Office” or “Virtual Office Plus” depending on your level of business. Each entrepreneur who purchases either of these packages will receive the month free, which is an incredible deal that allows you to trial the service absolutely risk-free.

The Verdict: Is Regus The Best Virtual Office Workspace?

In our opinion, Regus offers the best balance between affordability and premium features. We’ve saved an incredible amount of money on workplace overhead and operating costs using the Virtual Office Plus package. This has increased our profits exponentially, and simply put, made our lives a heck of alot easier.

We really like that Regus is a global network which is designed to help people grow their business online by increasing profits and decreasing expense. Their business business-friendly solutions offer the perfect balance between effective work environment, and a comfortable lifestyle.

Before you decide on the best virtual office for your business, make sure to check out Opus and other online workspaces first! We have a comprehensive review of both options right here on this website. And thanks to their first-month-free offer, you can try Regus for yourself!

We hope this review helps you educate yourself on the best virtual office space option for YOUR business.

Don’t forget to check out our review of Opus Virtual Offices before making your decision.Good luck in all of your endeavors, and here’s to your success!business move. Good luck!